What the press are saying......

"Because of the quality of writing and performance I was left wanting even more. And that is a good sign of any album"

- Nicky Rossiter, Irish Music Magazine (article in full)


“The Cedartowns are a fantastic, lively group who have supported big names for us at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre including Jack L and Anuna. They were also a huge hit when they played at our 2018 season launch. Their unique folk style coupled with a mix of original melodies and beautiful harmonies perfectly complimented our venue and proved very popular with the several hundred people in attendance”

- Ruth Marnell, Ballykeeffe Amphitheartre


“The Cedartowns are a group of very talented musicians and singers with great range and excellent harmonies led by Mary Nugent. What makes them stand out is the high quality of their own material, and Cashel Arts Festival has been delighted to host them as part of the festival. They have engaged very well with Cashel audiences”

Cashel Arts Festival


“The Cedartowns are a fine group of talented musicians who know the value of crafted music on record, and who evoke an infectious sense of fun on stage”

- Martin Bridgeman, Ceol Anocht, KCLR (interview in full)


“Beautiful harmonies, excellent musicianship, gentle good humour”

- Copper Coast Geo Park


“A cornucopia of roots, café and country songs”

- Bulmers Original Artists Music Trail


“Great harmonies; playful, enjoyable melodies”

- Eirecana, Taste of America


“One moment we were transported by the music to the cafés of Paris, at other times to the taverns of Madrid, then across the Atlantic to the Appalachian Mountains…”

- Fan